Guardian Christian Academy is housed in the building of Southside Nazarene Church located ¼ mile off the intersection of Rt. 288 and Courthouse Road.  Located on 289 acres, the vision for the property includes the goal that the school ultimately will be established on an independent campus on the same property.  In the meantime, two additional buildings, a 5,880 sq. ft. and a 7,836 sq. ft. modular, have been added.

Our Facilities Include the Following:

  • Each preschool and child care room has age appropriate, brightly colored tables and chairs. Learning centers provide areas for enhanced play and creativity.  The rooms in the daycare area are also equipped with sinks and bathrooms.
  • At the appropriate level, graded school students enjoy the computer lab, art room, library, music room, and chemistry lab. Educational experiences are provided both on and off site.
  • Technology is integrated into the curriculum not just in the computer lab but also in the classroom through laptops, tablets, COWS, and mimeos. The choice of e-texts or bound textbooks is given to high school students.
  • A multi-purpose room becomes our on-site “gym” both for PE classes and a safe place to play when the weather is bad. It includes toys such as balls, parachutes, scooters, basketball goals, and indoor gym equipment.  Currently most athletic practices and games are conducted in off-site facilities.
  • A fenced playground area provides plenty of room to run and jump. The developmentally appropriate equipment is great for climbing, sliding, and balancing.  And, let’s not forget the swings!  The entire area is covered with mulch to cushion any falls that might occur.
  • Other recess options include hoop ball, exercise stations, hop scotch, four-square, kickball, basketball, and more.
  • Trails of varying lengths for cross country, 5Ks, and other activities run through the property.

We encourage you to make an appointment for a tour; see for yourself if this is the environment in which your child would thrive.  It is a great opportunity to ask your questions and determine if you would be comfortable having GCA as your child’s school or child care center.