Vision Statement: Guardian Christian Academy partners with parents to provide their children with a distinctly biblical and academically excellent education that develops the body, mind and soul, equipping students to become godly leaders and to successfully engage the culture for Christ.

The staff of Guardian Christian Academy partners with parents to educate students. GCA teachers are committed to the development of strong minds and Godly characters. With an average class size of thirteen students, each child is viewed as an individual with specific strengths and characteristics, and communication with parents is consistent and on-going.

Instruction is based on GCA-written curriculum guides which include the skills and concepts included in Virginia’s SOLs and many more.  The primary textbook publishers used are A Beka and BJU Press supplemented with others such as Scott Foreman, Open Court, Five Ponds Press, and others. The phonetic approach to reading has proven to be very effective.  Math skills are taught and consistently and intentionally reviewed to maintain a high degree of retention. Textbook instruction is very much supplemented through a variety of other resources at all levels, both printed and non-printed.

A mixture of off and on-site experiences and activities serve a variety of purposes. Among those are: to introduce a concept, to act as a culminating activity, to provide hands-on learning, to apply knowledge to today’s world, to serve as a motivational tool, to provide experiences that students may not otherwise have.

Students at Guardian Christian Academy participate in ACSI Student Activities across the commonwealth. GCA has participated -and done well-in Math Olympics, Spelling Bees, Speech Bees, Science Fairs, Creative Writing Festivals, Art Festivals, and Desktop Publishing. All elementary students participate in the Christmas Musical, Variety Show, and more.

Each spring GCA students take a standardized national achievement test. The results are provided for the parents as well as for the school. Through these achievement test staff members are able to easily assess strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments on an individual level, grade level, and school-wide level.

Guardian Christian Academy is the Home of the Royal Knights and is a member of the Virginia Metro Athletic Conference (VMAC).  Students in 5th grade and above are eligible to try out for volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, and girls sideline cheer.  Students in 4th grade and above are eligible to try out for competition cheer. Teamwork, sportsmanship, Christ-like responses, and setting and achieving personal goals are emphasized along with skill development.

The elementary academic curriculum is supplemented with:

  • Physical education twice a week
  • Library
  • Music
  • Art
  • Technology education
  • Spanish
  • Age appropriate Chapels
  • Community Service Projects

Elementary Grading Scale

Grades, whether on individual assignments or on report cards, are designed to give an indication of a student’s mastery, understanding, and progress in a given area. Grades traditionally evaluate achievement of written work and tests. However, grades at GCA also reflect knowledge demonstrated through various projects, research and reports, technology, application, and a host of other performances associated with assessing learning.

We at Guardian Christian Academy believe it is fundamental that material be mastered on the current level before the next level of learning can take place. This can be seen in our grading scale as well.

Elementary Grading Scale
A+ 99-100 C 79-82
A 95-98 C- 77-78
A- 93-94 D+ 75-76
B+ 91-92 D 72-74
B 87-90 D- 70-71
B- 85-86 F 0-69
C+ 83-84
Kindergarten Grading Scale
E+ 99-100 S 79-82
E 95-98 S- 77-78
E- 93-94 M+ 75-76
G+ 91-92 M 72-74
G 87-90 M- 70-71
G- 85-86 U 0-69
S+ 83-84