Developmentally appropriate instruction provides the K4 student with other constructive experiences as well.  This is done in the K4 program through a variety of activities including but not limited to:

  • Structured Group Time
  • Print-rich Atmosphere
  • Creative Play and Centers
  • Stories and Role Playing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music class
  • Physical Education class

Two, three, and five day classes are available.  The progress of each student is communicated by teachers in both written and verbal forms.  Parents are aware of successes as well as areas of concern for their children.  Evaluation and assessment for kindergarten is done in March.  Teacher/Parent conferences are available upon request.

As in the other preschool classrooms, rooms are equipped with age appropriate chairs and tables. Colorful walls and decorations create a safe and appealing atmosphere where children can learn readiness skills necessary to excel in Kindergarten.

The staff is qualified by study, personality, and experience. Each teacher is dedicated to the education, care, and personal guidance of the children by setting Christian standards and ideals. Staff members participate in continuing education classes throughout the year. These are offered by the Department of Social Services, CCCECE, PACED, and John Tyler Community College. Background checks are conducted for all employees.