Preschool/Childcare Services
(Hours 6:30am-6:00pm, ages 2 1/2 to 4/5)

Registration Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

Full time (5 days)

rate effective 6/1/17



$175.00 weekly



$170.00 weekly



$165.00 weekly


Student Lunch: $35.00/Ticket (10 Lunches)

Payment Policies:

The payments for childcare will be drafted by FACTS weekly. Children are not allowed to return to the center for care if their account is past due. The Guardian Christian Academy Board has passed a policy that allows each family to choose two weeks out of a year and pay only ½ of the weekly tuition due. They ask that one of these weeks be used during the summer (June – August), and one during the school year (September – May). In doing this, each family pays for 51 out of 52 weeks of care. If a child is gone any other time of the school year, the full weekly amount must be paid.  Summer childcare is billed by attendance.

If a family has more than one child in our programs, the Multiple Child Discount applies. 

FACTS charges a $30 fee for every returned payment that is received for NSF. GCA also charges a $30 fee for NSF.

All rates are subject to change.