Guardian Christian Academy hears from parents that what they value most about GCA begins with the individual attention each child receives.  Each student’s personality, strengths, and challenges are recognized and worked with.  GCA fosters a nurturing environment with consistent communication between parents and school/child care center.  When the personal interest in each student is coupled with quality education and child care, the student is able to flourish.

The education program at GCA is strong.  Even as a two or three-year-old, academics is present as a part of the curriculum.  Preschool children learn basic skills and concepts through a mix of play and directed instruction. Learning to interact appropriately in social situations and daily life interactions are also huge at this age and continue from that point forward.  Junior Kindergarten, a full day program, is often a stepping stone for students as they move into GCA’s very academic kindergarten.  The phonetic approach to reading is used in the early elementary grades and found to be very effective.  Math fact recall is taught and stressed beginning with kindergarten, enabling  students working in multi-operational problems to move through the computations needed and focus on the introduced concept.  Critical thinking and application of skills and concepts is key to problem solving and utilization in real life situations. Various means and tools in addition to the textbook are employed to help students learn and make the connections.  These can come in the form of field trips, hands-on activities and labs, tablets, and a host of others.  Technology is utilized both in computer labs and in the classrooms.  This increases as high school students prepare for college where both instruction and assessments are more and more frequently conducted electronically. Juniors and Seniors are strongly encouraged to complete on-line advanced or collegiate level coursework as a part of their college prep experience as well as enroll in dual enrollment classes.  Seniors also prepare and present a Senior Thesis which enhances their academic coursework in a personalized area of interest.  (For more information on the academics proceed to the appropriate link.)

Although Guardian Christian Academy is college prep, it also recognizes that not all students learn in the same way or have the same gifts and abilities.  GCA has had a part-time Instructional Resource teacher on staff for several years, an individual with training and experience with a variety of learning disabilities. Certain recommended modified instruction or accommodations falling within our limited scope of services can be carried out by the Instructional Resource Teacher at GCA.  In addition an increasing emphasis on the part of the instructional staff is to differentiate instruction within the classroom in order to give more focus to advancing the skills of individual students.

With a Christ-centered approach to learning, development of character becomes an ongoing work in progress.  Community service is emphasized and opportunities provided from kindergarten through high school.  Chapels focus on a number of topics but interwoven through them are the development of biblical character traits. GCA is intentional about promoting both civic and Christian citizenship in a world of hurting people.


Though GCA does not require families to profess a faith in Christ in order to enroll their children, it is beneficial to their spiritual and character development.  The school board, administration, and staff believe not just in the value of education but in the value of Christian Education.  Key to this philosophy are the following core beliefs:

  • Parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children; thus the partnership between the school and the family is critical to the education process.
  • True character building and education parallel the teaching of Biblical principles.
  • Academic instruction must support and promote Biblical truth and a Biblical world view where Christ is preeminent and the view of the future is an eternal one.
  • Education occurs both in and out of the classroom and must focus on the whole child: intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social.
  • The aim of education is salvation and discipleship, placing importance on the spiritual and moral development of the next generation.
  • The world view of a child will be patterned after the belief system of his teachers; thus the selection of teachers must be done with great care.

Guardian Christian Academy is committed to providing students from preschool through high school with a solid Christian Education dedicated to these core beliefs.  Please take the time to contact the school to arrange for a tour and learn more about all GCA has to offer.