Guardian Christian Academy, Home of the Royal Knights

Purpose: The purpose of the Guardian Christian Academy Athletic Program is to provide quality coaching and teaching from a Christian perspective, designed to prepare and enable athletes, through their successes and failures, to have an influence on the world for Christ.

Guardian Christian Academy believes competition and participation in athletic events contributes to the physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual development of Christian school students. In addition it gives students the opportunity to test and display their skill before others. Mature and healthy Christian relationships between schools and athletes should be the fruit of competition between schools and players.

Under the experienced leadership of Athletic Director Doug Dillon, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country and both season and competitive cheering leading are offered to students in grades 5 and above. Emphasis is placed on the self-discipline needed to develop:

  • Skills and techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Christ-like attitude

Caring for the whole student, coaches and classroom teachers connect regularly to support, validate, correct, and encourage each athlete in all arenas.

School spirit runs high at Guardian Christian Academy. Pupils and teachers in their school shirts form a sea of royal blue with a touch of gold. Students look for the Royal Knight mascot who shows up at more than pep rallies. We are proud to be The Royal Knights!