Young Chefs in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students experienced their first field trip this morning when they attended Young Chef’s Academy in Richmond to make alphabet biscuits and strawberry jam. Students learned kitchen safety and got hands on experience with every student having a job. While the biscuits were baking, the students helped with kitchen cleanup before enjoying their creations.

Change 4 Change

Today was the final collection day for the November/December school wide community service project “Change 4 change”. After the coins had been converted and the cash counted, the students came together and brought in over $1700.00. Next week select middle school students will go shopping to provide Christmas for a family in need.

Jesus is the reason for the season!

December 1 was an awesome evening as first the preschool students presented “From Our Herd to Your Herd, Merry Christmas”, and then grades K-5 shared the musical “All About That Baby”.  Whether singing or performing as a cast member, the students  did so beautifully and wholeheartedly.  More importantly, the evening was indeed “all about that Baby”.


Book It! Pizza Party

GCA students in Kindergarten through 5th grade participate in the Book It! Program where reading is rewarded. Teachers set a goal for reading each month – whether it be a number of days each month, a number of minutes each day, or a number of pages – students who meet the goal receive a personal pan pizza provided by Pizza Hut. What a yummy way to encourage a love of reading.

Sharing God’s Love with Others

Each month the students  participate in a school wide community service project. For the month of October, students from thl K-12 classes collected school supplies for a school in Petersburg, VA. Prior to their deliver, the first grade classes covered the supplies in prayer.

Varsity Girls Volleyball takes 2nd in CCAC

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team closed a great season by coming in second place in the CCAC 2017 Girls Volleyball Championship games! Congratulations to the varsity girls and their coach Doug Dillon!

Middle School Girls Volleyball wins Championship!

Middle School Girls Volleyball team wins the CCAC 2017 Season Championship!

They played hard and played well in this nail biting game! The teams prayed together closing out the season in a God-honoring manner.

Agecroft Hall

7th graders stepped back in time when they visited Agecroft Hall in Richmond. This stately English Tudor style home once was a country manor home in England, having been built in the late 1500s. The students were able to learn what life was like during the 16th and 17th centuries, from architectural design, clothing and food to playing the games the children back then enjoyed. They were amazed at the extensive library housed at Agecroft with some books dating back to the mid-1800s.

1st grade goes to the Pumpkin Patch

First graders had a wonderful time on their field trip to Boulevard Flower Gardens’ Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. The weather turned out gorgeous and the students had a blast learning more about pumpkins, bats, and goats! What a combination! It was a great day of combining learning with outdoor fun.

Chili Cook-Off

It was a perfect evening for the 200+ GCA family members who gathered for the Chili Cook-Off! Great food, great company, hearing about the upcoming gym, and watching “Toy Story” outside, all made for a fantastic Friday Family Night.