Congratulations Class of 2018!

It’s an exciting time of year as Guardian Christian Academy! In addition to a treasure trove of classroom activities, field trips, trips to Pennsylvania and New York City, within a week’s time seventy-three students from both GCA’s preschool and high school will graduate! Here’s looking at just a couple relaxed moments.

Synthetic Division Rap

Students in our precalculus class decided to work together on their final project and created a rap music video to explain the process of synthetic division.

Trailblazer 5K

Thank you for the positive feedback and support for the GCA Trailblazer 5K held at Pocahontas State Park on Saturday morning. With 185 registered for the 5K and 44 for the kids Fun Run, Nutzy adding his flair to the morning, and vendors on hand, it was a great experience! Thank you to our sponsors and our race coordinator, Mr. Ken Kelly. We’re already looking forward to next year!

First Grade Field Trip

First grade had a fun time visiting Tredegar Iron Works Civil War Museum last week!  The students participated in and watched a play about Abraham Lincoln.  They learned many things about his visit to Richmond in 1865 and what life was like for people in Richmond at that time.  Students designed their own pennies and created log cabins!  The students love to learn in so many different ways!

100 Days Smarter

Kindergarten had an exciting day on Monday, February 26th, celebrating the 100th day of school! Their creative t-shirts varied from light sabers and legos to stickers and Christmas lights! Kindergarten started their morning by decorating crowns that said “100 days smarter” and that they are! They continued their celebration with sausage links and pancakes to represent the number 100! Yum, Yum!! The day continued to be full of fun…making 100 words on ice cream cones, building by 5’s and 10’s, and watching what 100 years ago looked like for children.

Young Chefs in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students experienced their first field trip this morning when they attended Young Chef’s Academy in Richmond to make alphabet biscuits and strawberry jam. Students learned kitchen safety and got hands on experience with every student having a job. While the biscuits were baking, the students helped with kitchen cleanup before enjoying their creations.

Change 4 Change

Today was the final collection day for the November/December school wide community service project “Change 4 change”. After the coins had been converted and the cash counted, the students came together and brought in over $1700.00. Next week select middle school students will go shopping to provide Christmas for a family in need.

Jesus is the reason for the season!

December 1 was an awesome evening as first the preschool students presented “From Our Herd to Your Herd, Merry Christmas”, and then grades K-5 shared the musical “All About That Baby”.  Whether singing or performing as a cast member, the students  did so beautifully and wholeheartedly.  More importantly, the evening was indeed “all about that Baby”.


Book It! Pizza Party

GCA students in Kindergarten through 5th grade participate in the Book It! Program where reading is rewarded. Teachers set a goal for reading each month – whether it be a number of days each month, a number of minutes each day, or a number of pages – students who meet the goal receive a personal pan pizza provided by Pizza Hut. What a yummy way to encourage a love of reading.

Sharing God’s Love with Others

Each month the students  participate in a school wide community service project. For the month of October, students from thl K-12 classes collected school supplies for a school in Petersburg, VA. Prior to their deliver, the first grade classes covered the supplies in prayer.