Returning to Campus Safely

We believe in-person instruction is the best option for a child’s overall socio-emotional well-being and educational experience. For this reason, we plan to begin in-person classroom instruction for the coming school year in September, with protocols in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Our reopening plan outlined here is based on a “Healthy Only” framework and depends on the partnership we have with our parents. Parents and employees must work together to ensure that only healthy individuals are entering the campus. Students and employees will be asked to remain at home if they display COVID-like symptoms or have been in contact with others who are symptomatic. 

To support and enforce this approach, parents will be asked to sign the GCA Special Program Attendance Acknowledgment and Disclosure and the Notice and Release for 2020-2021. As part of this agreement, parents will be asked to check each student’s temperature prior to arriving on campus. Students with documented medical conditions or extended illnesses will have the opportunity to use online instruction.

Key principles of our reopening plan include physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, handwashing and sanitizing, infection prevention, face coverings when distancing is not possible, minimizing classroom/grade level mixing, and spending time outdoors. 

We believe the following plan will minimize disruption to our typical classroom routines, supports the socio-emotional health of the whole child, and offers the best delivery of our full instructional Biblical program.

Download the Reopening Plan – Fall 2020 by clicking the button below.

As you enter our facility, you will see the signage posted, reminding you of social distancing guidelines and procedures. These reminders are also posted at the entrances to the hallways inside.

  1. Parents and children are greeted at the front desk where temperatures are taken and a brief wellness check is conducted.
  1. If children are not running a fever, and not showing any other signs of the virus, they are escorted to the daycare area by a GCA employee.
  1. Groups are limited to 10 children and 1/2 workers. With few exceptions, the same people are together for the day. Room sizes and availability allow for social distancing.
  1. Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer are available in each classroom and are used throughout the day.
  1. Masks are made available, but are not required in our daycare area. If we leave the area, the staff are required to wear their masks. We do not require them for the children.
  1. We have a system where teachers place used toys in an area to be cleaned at the end of the day. The next day, they pick up toys from the “clean toys” area for the children. Throughout the day, we also spray and disinfect toys that are in use.
  1. Tables, chairs, doorknobs, and bathrooms are cleaned in regular intervals throughout the day, (roughly every 2 hours). Thorough cleaning, which includes vacuuming and mopping, occurs at closing time.
  1. Cots are disinfected daily instead of weekly.
  1. Lunch is eaten in the classrooms. If a child purchases lunch from our cafeteria, the lunch is delivered to them in a disposable container with disposable utensils and drink container.
  1. As children are dismissed for the day, they are escorted to the atrium when their parents arrive. All sign out procedures are handled in that area by GCA staff members.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Bohall