“Hand in Hand” is the name of the volunteer program inclusive of each GCA parent which also imparts the optimistic message that we partner together to enhance our children’s educational experiences.  All parents or invested adults are asked to volunteer time during the school year.  Volunteers have an important and valuable role at Guardian Christian Academy.  I Corinthians 12:12-20 speaks of one body with many members, each with different talents, abilities, and services, all used for the Lord.  God has given the GCA body many talents and abilities; there are countless opportunities to work together to build His kingdom.

In mid-summer a packet of materials comes home including information about volunteering anad the Volunteer Handbook with a brief description of all opportunities.  A myriad of opportunities are listed and parents are asked to respond to a questionnaire.  Opportunities may be on-site or off campus; the scope encompasses a wide variety of talents, abilities, and schedules.  This is sent ahead in preparation for the volunteer orientation meeting generally held in mid-September.  Both a day time and an evening volunteer orientation are typically conducted to better meet the needs of our parents.