Community service is a strong component of what is taught in K-12th grade at Guardian Christian Academy.  It does by far more than look good on a college transcript or even benefit its recipients. Community service promotes an awareness of the world and its needs, fosters empathy, engages students as active citizens from an early age, and helps them understand how they fit into a society where each is a part of a solution.  Students learn to see others through the eyes of Jesus and to view people with compassion and insight, caring about both their external and internal needs, understanding the tie between civic responsibility and Christian citizenship.  With intentionality from age 5, an 18-year-old will graduate as an individual who takes responsible actions in society and becomes a proactive Christian leader in the arena to which God calls him.  Every student has the ability and capacity to make a positive difference in the world around him and to experience the joy and blessing that comes from helping others.

Community service is promoted in three ways:  1) Individually, 2) As a grade level or department, and 3) School-wide.  School-wide community service projects are conducted monthly and range from Firefighter Kits to “Change for Change”.  In addition high school students have community service requirements to meet for graduation.  GCA experiences high student participation on all levels in its community service endeavors, and both students and recipients reap the benefits.