K-12 Grade School Tuition and Fees


Kindergarten $10,490
Grades 1-5 $10,690
Grades 6-8 $10,890
Grades 9-12 $10,990

*Tuition includes all curriculum (books), technology, local academic field trips, and high school class fees.*

 Fees (non-refundable)

Application Fee (new students): $90.00

Enrollment Fees (annual):


Feb-July $140
Aug-beyond $325

Grades 1-12

Feb-Mar $140
April-May $230
June-beyond $325


In addition to any fees charged by FACTS Tuition Management, GCA charges a $30 returned/late payment fee.

All rates are subject to change.


One discount may be applied from the list below:

  • Full pay discount: 2.5% applies if all tuition has been paid in full by May 31.
  • Sibling discount: $200 annual discount for each additional child, most services (Preschool ONLY – $75 discount for each additional child)
  • Church discount: members of Southside Church who are in good standing are eligible for a 7.5% discount


Marian Chinn

GCA has been a wonderful place for my girls to grow in knowledge and wisdom. I’ve always felt like the faculty and staff have been a supportive team along with me to raise our girls in the Lord. Thank you for another great year!