Service & Leadership

Building Future Leaders

As a school that strives to educate the whole child while preparing them to impact the culture for Christ, we value the importance of the development of both servanthood and leadership.

We view these as two traits that will lead a student to become a valued member of the community, workplace, church and home. At GCA, leadership and service are reinforced through a number of avenues both in and out of the classroom.

Biblical Worldview Integration

Equipping students to examine the world around them in light of what they know about God, creation, mankind, moral order, and purpose

Community Service

Giving students the opportunity to develop a spirit of kindness and service while meeting the needs of the world around them

Safety Patrol

Promoting service and leadership through helping younger students and keeping our campus safe


Praise Team

Promoting leadership and service while developing talents and ability in leading others in worship

Student Leadership Council

Serving as a liaison between the student body and the administration while providing student feedback on policies and procedures and leading student sponsored events

National Honor Society & National Junior Honor Society Chapters

Honoring and fostering the traits of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

NHS Chapter Bylaws & application

NHS Selection Description

NJHS Bylaws and application

NJHS Selection Description